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A Cup of Kindness

Nawang Khechog and Sharon Salzberg
A Cup of Kindness
Meditations and Music
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The practice of loving kindness is a time-honored way to open the heart, dissolve fear, and relate to of life with compassion, generosity, and wisdom. A Cup of Kindness gives you a two-disc program to help you evoke this boundless spirit in your own life. On disc one, premiere meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg guides you in the formal practice of metta (or lovingkindness meditation). Nawang Khechog, who has been leading kindness workshops for more than two decades, follows with an offering of kindness comtemplations. Disc two presents a 61-minute session of universal compassion and healing music from this Tibetan composer and Grammy nominee.

Samples from Disc One: Sharon Salzberg and Nawang Khechog
Track 3
Track 5

Samples from Disc Two: Meditation music from Nawang Khechog
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6


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