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Music as Medicine 2004

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Produced By Nawang Khechog

Music by Nawang Khechog with special guest artist R. Carlos Nakai

All songs composed by nawang khechog except the native American flute songs by R. Carlos Nakai





1. Healing Through Kindness mp3
2. Harmony in Balance mp3
3. Bodhisattva's Magnificent Heart mp3
4. Meditation mp3
5. Music as Medicine mp3
6. A Call of Compassion to Humanity mp3
7. Zen Blues mp3
8. Turquoise Lamp mp3
9. Dream mp3
10. Universal Compassion mp3
11. Freedom mp3


CoverOn the most auspicious occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 70th birthday, I would like to dedicate this album to his long life, for the success of his tireless work for the freedom of the Tibetan people, and his commitment to bring genuine peace to this world—as can be seen through the example of his life and teachings on non-violence, compassion, and the wisdom of interdependent nature of life and the world.TWO GRAMMY NOMINEES AND INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED FLUTISTS OFFER A GIFT OF HEALING MUSIC TO THE WORLD
Ancient Tibetan teachings tell us that merely seeing an image of the medicine Buddha-- or even hearing his name-- holds the power to heal. Now, acclaimed musician and former buddhist monk Nawang Khechog shares the blessings of this potent deity on his new recording, Music as Medicine R.Carlos Nakai to create a cross cultural " apothecary" of soothing melodies and curative chants to infuse this universal healing energy within you. Nawang Khechog and R.Carlos Nakai offer eleven original songs created from flutes ancient ritual chants, angelic voices , and sounds highlighted by marimba, drums, cello, and violin, to summon the power of healing and send a compassionate call tohumanity for peace.

A Holistic Approach for Healing

KarunaIn the Tibetan healing and medical tradition, a holistic approach is essential. You can only achieve optimum well-being when you are in balance with the four external elements of the body (air, fire, water, and earth), and you are in harmony with the inner elements of your emotions and states of mind. Thus, while treating the physical aspect of a person, the Tibetan medical tradition emphasizes the importance of individuals transforming the three inner poisons: ignorance to wisdom, greed to contentment, and hatred to love. My offering to you is this musical exploration of the essence of this ancient healing tradition through a contemporary approach. Special guest artist and world premier native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai joins me, bringing his spiritual approach and native American flute music and chants, and together we have created a unique recording of healing sounds from two very different parts of the world.


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