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"[Nawang] Khechog is one of the most interesting of contemporary Tibetan musicians not only because his work is created on the cultural & spiritual structures derived from his own traditions, but also because it is genuinely innovative. These innovations have substance and, to use a favorite Tibetan diorism, Khung-lung, meaning that they have definite sources as well as continuing traditions; such to a Tibetan way of thinking, being fundamental requirements."
"Tibetan Bulletin" ..The Official Journal of the Tibetan Administration

"Nawang's talent is extremely rare in that his compositions are derived from his meditative practice. This approach is unique to Tibetan poetry, song and music where there is an ancient tradition of spontaneous expression based on one's mind training and realization. Because of this background, he is more than just a "folk" musician."
Allen Ginsberg, Poet

"While a crowd of 12,000 sat in anticipation of the Dalai Lama, a lone flutist kept the audience wrapped in contemplative silence."
Grapevine, Ithaca, NY

"Nawang Khechog is an accomplished, active and respected musician."
Philip Glass

"Exotic music of multitalented Tibetan soothes savage side of life."
The Atlanta Journal

"With all the American star power on the Carnegie Hall Stage, it was strange that a pair of Tibetan instrumentalists would play the evening's show stopper... a song titled "Celebration" that sounded like the end of the world. The fiery drumming & otherworldly horn blast from the odd folk instruments were incredible feats that moved the very proper tux 'n' gown crowd."
New York Post

"in contrast the horn and drum duo Nawang Khechog were all earth & fire, this year (Tibetan Freedom Concert's) dynamic replacement for the Red Hot Chili Peppers."
Village Voice, New York

"Nawang is a shooting star... music galaxy"
Denver Post

"in full recognition of his musical genius and uniqueness that I unqualifiedly recommend Nawang Khechog."
Robert Rauschenberg, Artist

"His musicianship is brilliant. He is uniquely gifted musician."
Paul Winter

"An astounding variety of sounds and textures.. his music can advance the cause of world peace."
"Billboard" ...The International Newsweekly of Music

"I have seen him perform and moved by him and by his music.. his music is rare and very special."
Joan Baez

"We expect Nawang's music to remain in our top 3 Best sellers for years to come."

"Far more interesting to the ear was Khechog's expression of Buddhist chant in his Australian horn, Didgeridoo."
New York Times

"[Nawang Khechog]...has been touring the United States and overwhelmingly well received.. has made an immeasurable contribution to the success of "The International Year of Tibet"
Richard Gere

"Through your efforts, I believe we're beginning to find a new language of peace through music."
The United Nations


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