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Wild Divine

The Journey to Wild Divine

Take the Journey Home and Experience the Presence of:

  • Transformation through greater consciousness
  • Awareness of mind and body connection
  • Energy, relaxation and transformation
  • Greater authenticity and purpose
  • New powers of imagination
  • Less stress and anxiety
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The Journey is an “Inner-Active” computer game, a magical adventure for the mind, body and spirit. It incorporates a unique biofeedback interface that lets you navigate through the game’s enchanting and mythical landscapes using the power of your thoughts, feelings breath and awareness.

Along your journey, you will meet wise mentors who will teach you meditation and breathing techniques – you then get to practice your new skills by doing over 40 biofeedback events. Learn to focus through Zen Archery, build a magic stairway with your breath and juggle balls with your laughter.

Wild Divine

Hardware Platform:
• Set of three "Magic Rings" Biofeedback Sensors with connecting cable
• "Light Stone" Energy Translator
• USB cable

CD-ROM Software:
• One installation set (2 CD-ROMs) for PC
• One installation set (2 CD-ROMs) for Macintosh

• User’s Manual
• "Soul Flight" Music CD
• Companion Guide to The Journey

The Journey to Wild Divine
Wisdom Quest Expansion Set
featuring Deepak Chopra, MD

Now Available! Announcing the launch of Wisdom Quest, Part II in The Journey to Wild Divine series. Wisdom Quest builds upon the skills you acquired in Part I, The Passage, by teaching new meditation and breathing techniques for advanced training. Featuring insight and guidance from best-selling authors Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Dean Ornish, M.D. you will learn many new and valuable lessons to integrate this wisdom into your daily life.

Choose varying levels of difficulty and tailor your experience to fit your most effective learning style. Experiment with advanced biofeedback techniques as you are enveloped in breath-taking three-dimensional landscapes, soothing music,and inspiring visuals.


Wisdom Quest Includes**:

•New! “Game Quest” and “Guided Activity” Modes
•New! Training Manual with tips and strategies for meditation
•Featuring music of Deva Premal & Shanti Shanti and more!
•Install disks for both Mac and PC with User’s Manual

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Donations to help the Tibetan refugees can also be sent to (tax deductable). Please consider becoming a member of the international campaign for Tibet:
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and other Tibet support groups, especially your local Tibet support group. If there is no such group in your area, then please create one, to help establish freedom and human rights for Tibetans.



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