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Nawang Khechog

Music is silence,
music is mountain,
music is freedom,
music is universal,
music is heart,
music is bridge,
music is temple,
music is teacher,
music is path,
path to compassion, love, forgiveness, wisdom,
joy, happiness, divinity,
and inner-peace.

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Nawang Khechog Nawang Khechog Nawang Khechog
Nawang Khechog Lhamo Yangchen-Ma Nawang Khechog
Nawang Khechog Nawang Khechog Nawang Khechog
Lhamo Yangchen-Ma
Goddess of Art and Music

Nawang Khechog's music has been used for the sound track of major motion picture "Seven Years in Tibet, " directed by Jean Jacques Annaud. He has composed music and sound tracks for CNN's (the most intimate) documentary film "The Dalai Lama at Home in Exile" and many other documentary films and productions, including the New York's International Play "Road Home", directed by Lawrence Sacharow and award winning films "Sound of Peace ", (short film) directed by Barry J. Hershey, and independent B/W featured film "Clouds", directed by Don Thompson.

Nawang is featured in the new edition of Light of Consciousness magazine. Read the interview and enjoy savings on music. When you order music during the publication period you can receive CDs for $12 instead of $15. Answer the question found in the interview with your order and we'll apply your discount.
(Question: What page is Nawang's advertisement on in the Light of Consciousness magazine?)

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For the use of any of Nawang's music or if you are interested in having Nawang compose and create new music or sound track for featured film , play, documentary film, television program, video or other project, please Contact Nawang
Nawang Khechog

PO BOX 7338
Boulder, CO 80306
U. S. A.

For purchase of Nawang's music by check or money order. Please add postage and make check payable to the artist and send to the PO BOX. Please also include your phone number.


10% of the CD and Cassette sales from the website will be donated for Tibetan refugee benefits.

Donations to help the Tibetan refugees can also be sent to (tax deductable). Please consider becoming a member of the international campaign for Tibet:
Colorado Friends of Tibet
Australia Tibet Council
and other Tibet support groups, especially your local Tibet support group. If there is no such group in your area, then please create one, to help establish freedom and human rights for Tibetans.


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Nawang's Latest CD-The Best of 25 years

25 years

The Best of 25 Years
The Tibetan Healing Music of Nawang Khechog

The New CD from SoundsTrue and Nawang Khechog

Over the past 25 years, flutist Nawang Khechog has been hailed as the global ambassador of Tibetan music. With The Tibetan Healing Music of Nawang Khechog, he offers a hand-picked selection of his finest compositions for healing, contemplation, and experiencing the beauty of Tibet's musical heritage. Nawang has arranged this music to support meditation and the healing arts, combining the serenity of the Tibetan flute with the recurring use of a powerful chant for universal compassion led by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Filled with timeless favorites and featuring three new tracks, here is an essential collection from a master of Tibetan meditation music.

Buy Now From CCNow $20.00


Tibean Dream Journey 2012
Sounds True M1717D

Order CD $15

All music by Nawang Khechog
Track Details

Tranquil Flute Compositions Inspired by the Tibetan Dream Journey of Universal Compassion.

Universal love, kindness, and compassion are some of the highest wonders that we can find in this world. With Tibetan Dream Journey, master flutist Nawang Khechog presents an album that expresses these timeless spiritual values in the serenity of music. Inspired by the practice of Tibetan dream yoga, as well as the dream of all Tibetan people for peace and freedom. Nawang offers his first solo release in four years. These 11 original compositions are founded upon his sublime flute melodies, enhanced by gentle percussive exploration and contributions from great musicians including Ty Burhoe-featuring a universal compassion chant from the Dalai Lama. A spacious and smoothing album perfect for meditation, bodywork, yoga, t'ai chi, and deep relaxation.

Double CD for price of 1 - $15

A Cup of Kindness

Nawang Khechog and Sharon Salzberg
A Cup of Kindness
Meditations and Music
Special sale for Oct, Nov, Dec  free postage for U.S. and $3 dollar overseas and  only $15 dollar for the double CD
Order CD $15.00 +ship

The practice of loving kindness is a time-honored way to open the heart, dissolve fear, and relate to of life with compassion, generosity, and wisdom. A Cup of Kindness gives you a two-disc program to help you evoke this boundless spirit in your own life. On disc one, premiere meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg guides you in the formal practice of metta (or lovingkindness meditation). Nawang Khechog, who has been leading kindness workshops for more than two decades, follows with an offering of kindness comtemplations. Disc two presents a 61-minute session of universal compassion and healing music from this Tibetan composer and Grammy nominee.

Samples from Disc One: Sharon Salzberg and Nawang Khechog
Track 3
Track 5

Samples from Disc Two: Meditation music from Nawang Khechog
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6


Tibetan Meditation Music

nawang khechog
tibetan meditation music
for quiet mind and peaceful heart
Order CD $15

Tapping into the richness of Tibet’s meditation tradition, Nawang Khechog has created his most relaxing album yet—wholly focused on helping you experience inner stillness. On Tibetan Meditation Music, Nawang combines Tibetan spiritual chants with his own masterful flute compositions.

TricycleThe result is a soothing blend that has been embraced by many Tibetan and Korean monks, nuns, and people around the world from all walks of life—to enhance a meditative practice, or just to find a refreshing moment of pure serenity. Full CD Info

Catch the new interview with Nawang Khechog in the latest edition of Tricycle magazine.

1. Under the Wings of Blessing
2. The Great Prince of Peace and Universal Compassion
3. Five-Peak Wisdom Mountain
4.  A Daily Prayer and Practice of the Dalai Lama
5. Walking into the Himalaya to Meditate
6. Infinite Love
7. The Great Arya Tara
8. Wisdom and Compassion
9. The Perfection of Wisdom
10.  Dagkar Taso Mila’s Cave
11. For as Long as Space Endures

Music As Medicine

Music as Medicine

Order CD $15
Music by Nawang Khechog with special guest artist R. Carlos Nakai

All songs composed by nawang khechog except the native American flute songs by R. Carlos Nakai

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Universal Love
Universal Love
2003 Nawang Khechog
Order CD $15

Cry of the Snow Lion

New in 2004
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion - Motion Picture Soundtrack


Out of Stock for Now

Tibetan Meditations, Music & Prayers
Tibetan Meditations, Music & Prayers
2003 Nawang Khechog
Order CD $15

In A Distant Place
In A Distant Place

2000 Nakai-Eaton-Clipman-Nawang
Order CD $15

To Listen Music click on the CD Cover

1995 Nawang Khechog
Out of Stock for Now

Winds of Devotion
Winds of Devotion

R. Carlos Nakai - Nawang Khechog 1998
Order CD $15

Quiet Mind
Quiet Mind

1991 Nawang Khechog
Order CD $15

The Dance of Innocents
The Dance of Innocents
1998 Peter Kater - Nawang Khechog
Order CD $15

Rhythms of Peace
Rhythms of Peace

1989 Nawang Khechog
Order CD $15


Sounds of Peace
Sounds of Peace

1988 Nawang Khechog
Order CD $15


Wild Divine
Out of Stock for Now

The Journey to WildDivine

Take the Journey Home and Experience the Presence of:

  • Transformation through greater consciousness
  • Awareness of mind and body connection
  • Energy, relaxation and transformation
  • Greater authenticity and purpose
  • New powers of imagination
  • Less stress and anxiety

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